Private Markets Leadership Team

Kevin J.E. Adolphe, CPA

President & Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Asset Management Private Markets and President & Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Real Estate

Scott Hartz

Executive Vice President, General Account Investments

Bill Peressini

Chief Executive Officer, Hancock Natural Resource Group

Brent Keefer

President, Hancock Timber Resource Group

Edward (Ted) M. Willcocks

Global Head of Asset Management, Manulife Real Estate

Glenn Smith

President, Hancock Renewable Energy Group

Jennifer Lundmark

Senior Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Fundraising, Manulife Real Estate

John C.S. Anderson

Senior Managing Director, Head of North American Bond Investing

Kenneth Pogrin

Senior Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Kevin L. Stashin, P.Eng.

President & Chief Executive Officer, NAL Resources

Oliver S. Williams IV, CFA

President, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group

Sahezad Pardhan

Senior Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, Manulife Asset Management

William (Bill) G. McPadden, CPA

Senior Managing Director, North American Real Estate Finance