Equity Strategy


Asia ex Japan Equity

We believe that each individual Asian equity market is unique and hence offers opportunities to invest in companies that are overlooked or mispriced. Long term outperformance can be achieved by bottom up selection of undervalued, growth companies that have the pricing power or cost advantage that enable them to compete regionally and globally. The team believes that its extensive on-the-ground research gives it a deep local market insight which enables the timely identification of investment ideas.

Asia Small Cap

We believe that the Asian small cap universe is under-researched by the broker community and is largely inefficient. They believe that long term outperformance can be achieved by investing early in companies whose growth profile has been under-appreciated and hence incorrectly priced. In particular, the team looks to invest in companies that can achieve a re-rating and increase in market capitalization on the basis of market leadership, a superior growth profile and low valuation.

China A Shares

We believe that the mainland Chinese market is largely inefficient and that long term outperformance comes from the bottom-up selection of companies with excellent growth characteristics that are benefiting from strong long term investment trends.

Greater China

We believe that Greater China's markets are largely inefficient and with further economic convergence in the Greater China region, rigorous bottom-up stock picking can unearth companies with excellent growth characteristics that benefit from the strong long term investment trends in the region.

Global or International