Asset Allocation


Manulife Asia Pacific Income and Growth Balanced Fund

The Fund primarily invests in Asia Pacific ex-Japan related equity and fixed income securities. A strategic focus on high dividend and high income securities aims to provide the Fund with a relatively stable return.The Fund adopts a dynamic asset allocation approach diversifying investments across multiple asset classes to target long term and stable return. Dynamic asset allocation analyzes propspective returns of each asset class at different stages of the economic cycle to flexibly adjust and position the fund so that volatility is controlled and upside opportunities are captured.


Manulife Global Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund of Funds

The Fund aims to provide long term capital growth by investing primarily in a portfolio of collective investment schemes including exchange traded funds ("ETF") and cash. The fund uses an investment process based on analysis of the underlying asset classes and their ability to generate sustainable income. The investment manager will vary asset allocations over time to reflect market conditions and opportunities utilizing top-down investment views.