Fixed Income


Asia Pacific Bond

This fund seeks to take advantage of the strong growth opportunities, favorable investment environments, improving corporate governance, demographic structure, and credit market developments in Asia's bond markets based on thorough research and analysis performed by investment teams.

China Dim Sum HY Bond

This fund seeks to maximize total returns while maintaining a steady current income in Renminbi (“RMB”) terms through investing primarily in Dim Sum bonds, which are RMB denominated debt securities issued or distributed in Hong Kong, and high yield bonds issued by China related institutions and companies. The fund intends to capture the strong growth in the Dim Sum bond market, which is driven by the development of the CNH (offshore RMB) market, alongside the long term trend of RMB appreciation.

China Offshore Bond

This fund seeks to take advantage of the strong growth opportunities and credit market development in China’s bond market based on thorough research and analysis performed by the investment teams. The fund aims to provide stable investment returns along with NAV volatility mitigation and investment risk control while investing in purely investment grade portfolio bonds issued and distributed outside mainland China, and issued by China associated institutions and companies. 

Emerging Market HY Bond

This fund seeks high current income, with capital appreciation being a secondary goal in order to capture the long term economic development and growth in the emerging markets. In pursuit of this objective, the fund will invest its total assets primarily in emerging market debt securities and high yield debt securities. The fund will also invest in global government and corporate bonds to enhance the liquidity and return opportunities as determined by the portfolio manager. 

Global Fund of Bond

This fund invests in fund of funds, global bonds, high yield bonds and emerging market debt including investment grade corporate bonds, government bonds, institutional bonds, MBS and cash. 

Manulife Oriental Pearl Short-term Income Fund

The Fund aims to provide relative stable returns through investing primarily in the global RMB short-term debt securities which are issued or distributed outside Mainland China. The RMB denominated debt securities may include government bonds, commercial papers, and short-term bills.

Wan Li Money Market

This fund invests in money market funds with high credit ratings of repurchase agreements (RP) and time deposits (CD). The fund may invest in deposits including; short-term papers (below 1 year), and re-purchase agreements (Repo). Short-term papers include: government bonds, treasury bills, negotiable certificated deposits (NCD), and commercial papers (CP).