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Global Intelligence Interim Outlook: Autumn 2017

Economic Outlook | September 26, 2017

Global Intelligence Interim Outlook: Autumn 2017

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Manulife Asset Management's equity teams focus on delivering alpha via differentiated investment processes driven by proprietary fundamental research and a long-term orientation. Each specialized investment team owns their specific investment process from...

Fixed Income

Manulife Asset Management's fixed income teams follow a disciplined philosophy and process that utilize multiple sources of alpha underpinned by a fundamental, research-driven investment approach. We have a broad offering across traditional and non-tradit...


From the world's largest timberland investment manager* for institutional investors to award-winning commercial property investments, our highly specialized affiliates provide clients with access to world-class investment management in non-traditional ass...

Asset Allocation

 Manulife Asset Management's dedicated asset allocation team, the Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG), is responsible for our asset allocation products globally.