Sustainability leadership matters for our clients and stakeholders. That’s why our public markets business practices rest on two pillars:

  1. Groundbreaking research and investment approaches that seek to improve the sustainability profile of our underlying investments and assets
  2. Our efforts to shape the sustainability goals of the global investment industry by modeling best practices and industry collaboration

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Sustainability and scenario analysis

Speaking at the October 2019 Sustainable Investment Forum in New York City, Emily Chew, global head of environmental, social, and governance research and integration, discusses how climate scenario analysis can provide more transparency for asset owners in relation to the impact of climate on financial and economic stability.

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Sustainable investing in a time of climate change

Our Sustainability Reports

ESG Integration In Our Investment Approaches

As a long-term investor, Manulife Investment Management incorporates sustainability and ESG issues into investment analysis. As part of this process, we endeavor to look for the best sources of data or frameworks that may complement our proprietary research and process.

We monitor the strength and sophistication of ESG integration by each investment management team at Manulife Investment Management. To facilitate ESG integration in each team’s unique investment process:

  • We provide tools that allow all of our investment professionals to monitor ESG issues across portfolios, watchlists, and research coverage lists
  • Our ESG credit analysis template is deployed across our global fixed-income organization
  • We developed a customized ESG research template for equity teams across our Asian offices
  • Our research engines help analysts identify and categorize their ESG-related research and views

Our dedicated ESG research team presents its assessment of each investment management team and strategy to our President and CEO of Public Markets, and our global equity and fixed income CIOs, as part of a quarterly investment risk review of all regions.

For 2018, Manulife Investment Management received a score of A+ from the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) for our strategy to integrate ESG considerations into our investment practices and an A in all other direct investment and active ownership PRI modules for which we were assessed. These strong results put us above the median among PRI signatories in every category of our assessment. We’ve been a PRI signatory since December 2015.

Active Ownership—Engaging With Company Management

Within public markets, we view company engagement as a tool to enhance the long-term shareholder value of the companies in which our clients are invested. Our ESG analysts are mandated to proactively identify ESG risks in portfolios and to initiate engagements with companies, and as much as possible this is done in collaboration with the active involvement of investment teams.

  • Regular meetings with company management teams offer opportunities to assess companies' risk exposure to ESG factors and the companies' management of that exposure
  • Engagement notes are centrally shared on Manulife Investment Management's research platform
  • We use a customized ESG engagement note template to support more accurate tracking of the types and content of ESG engagements
  • We track the progress of companies towards the objectives we define using a milestone system

In addition to our bilateral engagements, Manulife Investment Management also participates in collaborative engagements with other investment peers. Company meetings conducted as part of a collaborative engagement are also tracked and company progress on the material issues is monitored using the same milestone system.

Manulife Investment Management has now joined four industry-wide collaborative engagements that are ongoing. These collaborative engagements are the Climate Action 100+, PRI-led Methane in the Natural Gas Supply Chain engagement, the PRI-led Cybersecurity engagement, and the Hong Kong Board Diversity Initiative. Manulife Investment Management is a founding signatory to the Climate Action 100+ and Hong Kong Board Diversity Initiative.