Manulife Asset Management Private Markets

As of December 31, 2018, Manulife’s assets under management in private asset classes were US$93.35 billion1, including assets managed by Manulife Asset Management Private Markets and its affiliates for Manulife’s general fund and external clients.

Manulife Asset Management Private Markets has investment expertise in several private asset classes, including commercial real estate, timberland, farmland, oil and gas, private equity and mezzanine debt. Manulife Asset Management Private Markets also partners with Manulife’s specialized private asset investment teams to invest in private placement debt and commercial mortgages. Hancock Natural Resource Group, Manulife Real Estate, NAL Resources, Manulife Capital, and Hancock Capital Management are units of Manulife Asset Management Private Markets.


Hancock Timber Resource Group established in 1985, develops and manages globally diversified timberland portfolios for institutional investors including pension funds, sovereign governments, corporations, foundations, endowments and family offices.


Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, established in 1990, creates and manages diversified agricultural portfolios comprised of a variety of annual and permanent crops on behalf of institutional investors.

Real Estate

Manulife Real Estate are investors, managers, owners and developers of direct core real estate for more than 80 years with a fully integrated real estate management platform.

Infrastructure Equity

For more than 35 years, our Power & Infrastructure Group has been investing in and managing a diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments for Manulife’s general account. In 2018, the team began to extend its infrastructure equity expertise to institutional investors.

Private Equity & Mezzanine

Hancock Capital Management and Manulife Capital are active investors in mezzanine debt, private equity funds and direct investments with more than 20 years of experience3.

Oil & Gas

NAL Resources Management Limited invests in conventional upstream oil & gas properties in Western Canada with over 25 years of experience2.

Private Placement Debt

Manulife North American Bond Group is a recognized market leader in private placement debt with deep credit research skills and industry based knowledge.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Manulife Real Estate Finance Group has a strong presence in commercial mortgages with more than 70 years of experience across a wide spectrum of property types and markets.

AUM is given in US Dollars and is as of December 31, 2018
1 Fair market value
2 Data refers to NAL Resources.
3 Investments professionals of Private Equity and Mezzanine teams.