North American Dividend Income

We analyze all companies under the same fundamental proprietary lens, using a scalable and repeatable process. The team’s investment process is driven by our fundamental beliefs unchanged since the team’s founding in 1996.

We believe that a portfolio that creates business value faster than a given benchmark and when assembled at a reasonable valuation will result in long-term out-performance.

† Active Share is a measure of the percentage of stock holdings in the strategy that differs from the benchmark index.

Fast Facts

  • :
  • North American Dividend Income
  • Style:
  • Value
  • Strategy Inception:
  • June 2017
  • Benchmark:
  • 50% S&P 500 Index (Total Return) (CAD)/ 50% S&P/TSX Composite (Total Return)
  • Active Share:†
  • 86%
  • Top 10 Holdings:
  • 32% of portfolio