This page contains a selection of Manulife Investment Management Europe’s policies, disclosures and other useful information.

Manulife Asset Management (Europe) Limited Complaints Management Summary

Manulife Asset Management (Europe) Limited Conflicts of Interest Policy Statement

Manulife Asset Management (Europe) Limited Order Execution Policy Statement

RTS28 Broker 2019

RTS28 Venue 2019

RTS 28 Broker 2018

RTS 28 Venues 2018

RTS 28 Disclosure and Summary April 2018

Shareholder Engagement Policy

Article 3g of Directive (EU) 2017/828 (“SRD II”) requires investment firms, including Manulife Investment Management (Europe) Limited (“MIM Europe”), to develop and publicly disclose an engagement policy that describes how shareholder engagement is integrated in their investment strategy. MIM Europe is currently developing its shareholder engagement policy with a view to making the necessary disclosures available to investors shortly.