Investment Strategies

Manulife Investment Management offers a broad range of investment strategies with investment processes driven by fundamental research. Below are some of our featured strategies.


Manulife Investment Management's equity teams focus on delivering alpha via differentiated investment processes driven by proprietary fundamental research and a long-term orientation. Each specialized investment team owns their specific investment process from research through portfolio construction.
Equity Strategies


Fixed Income

Manulife Investment Management's fixed income teams follow a disciplined philosophy and process that utilize multiple sources of alpha underpinned by a fundamental, research-driven investment approach. We have a broad offering across traditional and non-traditional market sectors, and a collaborative organizational culture to effectively leverage insights, knowledge, skills and capabilities across our global offices.
Fixed Income Strategies


Asset Allocation

Manulife Investment Management's dedicated asset allocation team, the Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG), is responsible for our asset allocation products globally. We utilize a multi-asset, multi-style approach to achieve diversification across a wide range of equity, fixed income, and non-traditional exposures.  These exposures can be achieved through allocations to active strategies managed by affiliated and non-affiliated managers, as well as passive strategies. 
Asset Allocation Strategies