Manulife Investment Management is a trusted partner to a broad range of institutions around the globe ― a testament to the depth of our investment capabilities, our dedication to client service and our pursuit of superior long-term performance for our clients.

We have the resources and commitment to meet the diverse challenges of our varied clients, who fall into several groups:

Pension Plans

We provide a full suite of complementary investment solutions for defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans for corporations and public funds. From funding challenges to accounting rules, we possess a strong understanding of the issues plan sponsors are facing, and work with our clients to deliver consultative solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Foundations and Endowments

Endowments and foundations have unique investment goals that require insight and flexibility. We work to understand each organization’s liquidity requirements, liabilities and funding obligations and develop forward-thinking investment and asset allocation solutions tailored to meet their needs.

Financial Institutions

We partner with banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions across the globe, delivering investment solutions to meet the complex needs of these organizations in managing their asset and liability requirements. We have specialized insights into the needs of this group based on over 100 years of experience as a global insurance provider.


We have partnered with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions around the world in a sub-advisory capacity to manage strategies used in their mutual funds, annuities and retirement products.

Our largest sub-advisory client is John Hancock Financial Services. In this role, our company uses the name John Hancock Asset Management, a division of Manulife Investment Management.

Sovereign and Official Institutions

We are well positioned as a key investment partner to central bank, government investment agencies and supranationals across developed and emerging markets. Why? Stability, a robust risk management framework and an international network of resources are some of our strengths – all key attributes in managing the investment needs of this group.

Family Office

Manulife Investment Management offers comprehensive, customized investment solutions to single- and multi-family offices and individuals of substantial wealth.

Investment Consultants

We recognize the importance of investment consultants to the clients that we serve, and work collaboratively with them to help them deliver holistic investment solutions and strategies for our common clients. We provide consultants with a breadth of information about our capabilities, investment strategies and thought leadership to help them meet their clients' needs.